Can Twitch Streamers See Who Is Watching Their Live Streams?

As a Twitch streamer, you may be wondering if you can see who is watching your stream. The answer is sort of. While you won’t be able to see the viewer’s name, you can see other information about them. This includes their location, what type of device they are using to watch, and more. Additionally, Twitch has a tool that allows streamers to see which viewers are following them but not currently watching the stream. This can help streamers better engage with their audience.

So, while you may not be able to get the names of everyone who is watching your stream, you can still get some valuable information about them. Use this information to create a more engaging experience for your viewers.

What Implications Does This Have For Streamers?

In February of this year, Twitch made an unprecedented move in the world of live streaming: they announced that, in addition to regular broadcasts, they would also be streaming 24/7 live music. This decision was met with mixed reactions from both viewers and stream, but overall it seems to have been a positive change for the platform. For streamers, it provides a new and constantly-changing source of content that can help to keep viewers engaged. And for viewers, it gives them a chance to discover new music and connect with other fans from around the world. In many ways, this feels like a natural evolution for Twitch, and it will be interesting to see how it develops in the months and years to come.

How Do You Think This Affects The Relationship Between Streamers And Viewers?

This change has the potential to affect the relationship between streamers and viewers in a number of ways. First, it gives streamers a new tool to help keep viewers engaged. By constantly changing the music that is being played, they can offer something new and fresh for viewers to enjoy. Additionally, this change provides an opportunity for viewers to connect with streamers in a new way. Through the chat function, they can discuss the music that is being played and connect with other fans from around the world. Ultimately, this change could help to create a more engaged and connected community of Twitch users.

Do You Think It Is Fair For Twitch Streamers To Know Who Is Watching Them?

On the one hand, it could be seen as an invasion of privacy for Twitch streamers to know who is watching them. After all, viewers may not want their names and information to be shared with the person they are watching. On the other hand, some argue that it is only fair for Twitch streamers to know who is watching them. After all, they are the ones putting on the show and providing the content.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Being Able To See This Information? 

There are both benefits and drawbacks to being able to see this information. On the one hand, it can help streamers to better engage with their audience. On the other hand, it could be seen as an invasion of privacy for viewers. Ultimately, it is up to each individual streamer to decide whether or not they want to use this information.

How Can People Protect Their Privacy While Streaming On Twitch?

If you are concerned about your privacy while streaming on Twitch, there are a few things you can do.

First, you can limit the information that you share in your profile. This includes things like your real name, address, and phone number. Additionally, you can set your account to private so, that only people who you approve can watch your stream. Finally, you can use a VPN to encrypt your connection and hide your IP address.

While these steps won’t guarantee your privacy, they will help to reduce the risk of your information being shared without your consent.


Twitch streamers can see a list of viewers who are watching their live stream. This is an important feature for twitch broadcasters as it allows them to connect with their audience and create a more personal connection. Viewer lists also help broadcasters spot any potential trolls or troublemakers who may be causing problems in the chatroom. If you’re looking to start streaming on Twitch, make sure you check out this handy guide on how to see your viewers.

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