Instagram stories let you capture moments and share them with your followers using an animated photo or video that plays automatically when the user taps the screen. There are plenty of ways to use Instagram stories on your own, but one of the most common uses is to create an Instagram story with your favorite songs and share it.

In this post, I’ll show you how to use your existing music library on your computer to create a custom music soundtrack for your Instagram story. This can be a great way to add music to any Instagram story you’re creating. It also has a few benefits over using your music as a background for your story. So let’s begin the discussion.

Add Music To Instagram Story:

Following are the steps to add music to the Instagram story. Have a look at them.

STEP 1: Start Your Story With The Right Photo:

When making a story, the first step is choosing a photo to use. You want to start your story on a good note. So choose a good photo that will fit well into your story.

If your story has an element of comedy, choose an amusing photo. A sad or depressing photo will make for a better emotional story.

You can also include music to help your followers better understand and enjoy your content.

STEP 2: Add Music:

Instagram allows you to add music to any video you upload. However, I recommend avoiding this option for music used in stories. Instead, I’d recommend adding music in the form of a YouTube playlist (or another music service) or just a song you can download.

STEP 3: Create A Soundtrack With Your Existing Music Library:

There are many ways to create a custom soundtrack with music in your existing music library. One way is to create a sound file with the music you want.

Another is to create a Spotify playlist of the songs you want. Then share that playlist with your followers.

Still another way is to use iTunes and create a playlist of the songs you want. Finally, you can simply use an audio recording app like Audacity.

In this way, music will be added to your Instagram story and you can post it.

Other Ways To Add Music To Instagram Story:

Music can be an integral part of your Instagram story. But what if your videos don’t have a background track? What if they’re just video shots with no music? Here are 3 ways to add music to your Instagram stories, even if you only have the option to use Instagram stickers.

STEP 1: Set Up The Track:

If you’ve ever used Procreate, you probably know how easy it is to set up a track using your iPad. It’s a simple process that lets you create loops and layers by tapping and dragging different parts of the screen.

You can also set up a track in iMovie on your Mac. Once you’ve created a project, hit Edit on the menu bar and select Music. Select the track you want to add to your video and start creating!

STEP 2: Set Your Timing:

Now you have a song you want to add to your story. But how long will you leave the story? For most videos, 15-30 seconds is a good place to start. The ideal length is around 3-4 minutes, but if your story has a very strong beat, you can play your song for longer.

In most cases, you don’t need to worry about matching the beat of your song perfectly to your story. Just make sure the timing is solid and feels right when you’re finished.

STEP 3: Insert It Into Your Story:

This step is fairly self-explanatory. If you’re using an iPhone, you can simply hold down the home button to insert it into the middle of your story. For iOS 12, you can also add an Instagram story background and you can also use Instagram story viewer, but it requires a bit more work.

Wrapping It All Up:

Instagram has become one of the most popular apps to share photos and videos. With its simple interface and user-friendly tools, it’s no surprise that everyone is jumping on board and sharing their stories with the world. One popular addition to stories is music. Whether you’re adding a song as a backdrop, or simply including some beat in the post, adding music to your stories can give your posts a professional touch. The easy to way add music to the story is to use the music sticker. But if you do not want to use a sticker then use the above-mentioned tips to add music.

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