You want to block people from your Facebook page from accessing your page – but you don’t want to lose all of your followers. If you’re blocking people from accessing your page, it’s a great way to ensure the quality of your Facebook audience. If you’re growing your business and reaching new audiences on Facebook, you’ve likely seen the “Block” button on your page. But what happens if you use that button and then lose all of your followers? In this post, I will show you how to block people from accessing your page without losing your audience.

So without wasting any moment, let’s begin the discussion. 

Steps To Block A Page On Facebook Using Computer:

This section is about how to block a page on Facebook using the computer. So if you want to block someone’s Facebook page just by using your computer, follow the instructions below.

But remember this tutorial was written for Facebook users who use the latest version of the Facebook software. So to block a page on Facebook, follow these steps:

  • Open Facebook in your browser.
  • Go to the “Lists” section of your profile and click on the arrow next to “Add List”.
  • Find the list titled “Block List”. Click the “Add” button.
  • Search the list and click on the name of the person you want to block. This is their page, but since you don’t have any friends listed on Facebook, it won’t appear in your search results.
  • Click on the “Block” button under the name of the person that you want to block.
  • If you want to unfriend the person you are blocking, you’ll have to delete that person from your list. You can only remove people that are added to a block list.

Steps To Block A Page On Facebook Using Android:

Following are the easy steps to block a page on Facebook using Android. Let’s have a look at them.

STEP 1: Find The Facebook Page You Want To Block:

This first step is the easiest. If you’re looking to block an individual, you can simply visit their page.

STEP 2: Create A List Of Pages You Want To Block:

Now that you’ve found the page you want to block, you need to create a list of pages that you want to block. To do this, go back to the previous step and click on the search box in the upper right corner. 

When you do this, a drop-down menu will appear with various options such as “Friend” or “People You May Know”. Click on the “People You May Know” option and then choose “Block this Page”.

STEP 3: Select The Pages You Want To Block:

Now you have a list of pages you want to block. Simply go through each page and select the one you want to block. You should only have to do this once because Facebook will remember your selections until you delete them.

STEP 4: Delete The Pages You Selected:

To remove the blocks, simply visit this link. Make sure you’re logged in to Facebook and click on the three dots to the upper right and then select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Next, click on “Apps and Websites”.

You will then see a list of all the apps and websites you have allowed access to your Facebook account. Simply scroll down and find the app or website that belongs to the page you want to block. Click on it and then hit the blue “Delete App” button. If you want to be extra careful, you can make a new list with the new page name as the title of the list. Then click on the “X” beside it.

STEP 5: Delete Your List:

Once you’ve deleted your list of pages, you’ll have to go through the same process again in order to delete the page blocks.

Steps To Block A Page On Facebook Using iOS:

Facebook Page Blocking is an important feature for the Social media platform. This feature allows us to hide our personal information. As per the recent changes made in the Facebook post management section, people can also hide their private details from other users by adding any one of the pages that are connected with their accounts.

As we all know, Facebook is not a good social network platform to do business, so it’s important to block your page to keep the pages with spammy and scammy content. I have used the same technique that is available in the iOS application. If you are an iOS user then follow the below-given steps and check out the guide in detail.


Open the iOS Application and tap on the search bar, type “block page” and select “Block Page” from the suggested results. The below image shows how the iOS application works on blocking a Facebook page.


Now tap on the page that you want to block and select the option to block the page from the popup window. The below image shows the popup windows with the options to block the page.


The next step is to add the page id for the Facebook page. The below image shows the list of pages that we can access by tapping on the page name. Tap on the page that you want to block. You will be redirected to the next page.


A confirmation page will appear on the screen. Tap on “Allow” button to allow access to the page.


You are done! The blocked page will be removed from the account.

Wrapping It All Up:

Blocking is a great way to remove spammy pages from your timeline and keep your social media accounts clean. However, I would advise you to be careful with this tactic because not everyone will like you taking this approach.

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