You may use Instagram to promote your product. But what if someone sends you a private message on Instagram? It’s annoying and time-consuming to respond to all the unsent messages on your Instagram feed. Now that’s why I’m sharing my top tips on how to see unread messages on Instagram. How to see unread messages on Instagram? In this post, we will teach you how to see unread messages on Instagram. So let’s begin the discussion. 

Steps To See Unsent Messages On Instagram:

unsent messages on Instagram are very difficult to find. Instagram doesn’t keep a record of them so it’s possible for people to accidentally unsent messages they intended to send. So how do you search through your entire Instagram feed and find all of your unsent posts? I’m going to show you step by step how to find them!

STEP 1: Open Your Instagram Account:

To start looking for your unsent messages, you’ll need to open your Instagram account. Once you do, head over to the “Settings” tab on the top right of your screen.

STEP 2: Click On “Account Settings”

Here you can make changes to your privacy settings. We want to set our notifications to “off”.

STEP 3: Find “Notifications”

Scroll down until you see “Notifications”. We want to set this to “off”.

STEP 4: Scroll down again and click on “View Account”

This will take us to a list of recent posts. From here, you can search for anything that’s been unsent.

STEP 5: Find Unsent:

Scroll down until you find “unsent” and then search for the exact date that the post was unsent

We want to find all of our unsent messages from 2017. We can do this by typing “2017”.

STEP 6: Select “All”, “Recent”, Or “Favorites”

Click on the dropdown menu and select “all”, “recent” or “favorites”

If we want to see more than just our unsent messages, we can click on the dropdown menu and select “favorites”. If you want to view all of your recent posts, then select “recent”.

STEP 7: Press Enter When Done:

This will allow you to see all of your unsent messages.

How To Clear Unsent Messages:

People can unsent messages anytime on Instagram. This can be irritating for people who want to keep their Instagram chats clean and also check TM mean on Instagram. No need to worry we have the best solution to get rid of the unsent message. Here we will discuss some easy steps to clear the unsent messages. So let’s get started

STEP 1: Open Up Your Old Messages:

Instagram lets you go back in time until you unsent the last message (and even unsent your account).

The easiest way to do this is to log into your account, open up the settings tab, and scroll down to “old messages”. If you don’t see it here, click on your profile picture on the top right-hand side of the screen, then click on “settings” and scroll down to “old messages”.

STEP 2: Choose The Messages You Want To Keep:

Now that you have an account open up the settings screen for that account. Scroll down to “old messages” and choose which messages you want to keep from there.

You can either keep everything or only keep some of them by choosing the checkboxes next to them.

STEP 3: Save Your Changes And Unsent The Rest:

After you have unsent your old messages, you can close the window and save your settings. You should now be able to unsent all of your old messages. If you want to delete your account entirely, you can do so here as well.

Easy Way To See Unsent Messages On Instagram:

To see unsent messages on Instagram, you must open the Instagram app and tap on the “hamburger” icon. Then, tap the three horizontal dots (i.e. three-line icon) to find the “settings” icon. On the top of the settings page, you will find the “unsent media” option. Tap that. Now, you can see all of your unsent messages.

Wrapping It All Up:

Unsent messages are really useful. And there are a lot of them on Instagram. That means you can do your best to make sure you never miss a message. So make sure to follow the above-mentioned steps to easily view all the unsent messages on Instagram.

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