If you’re a blogger, you know that one of the best ways to increase your organic traffic is by using Instagram as a promotional tool for your blog. Instagram is currently the third-largest social network in the world with 1.2 billion monthly active users. It is also one of the most popular visual platforms that anyone can share their work online.

It’s pretty easy to see who followed you on Instagram when you use the Instagram app on your smartphone or tablet.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to view your followers on Instagram through Google Analytics, using a couple of different options.

Use Analytics To See Who Follows You On Instagram:

As the top Instagram app in the world, Instagram has grown into a powerful marketing tool. If you want to drive more traffic to your website from Instagram, then follow these tips.

First, choose an image for your bio and make sure it reflects what you want to convey. The image should be representative and memorable so that users will remember who you are and associate your account with your blog.

Next, connect your Instagram account with your blog by enabling it on the Instagram app. This will allow people to like and comment on your photos and give them away to link to your blog.

If you have a WordPress blog or website, install the Instagram app. You’ll need to log in to your account to add it or set up a login through Facebook. Then open your Instagram app, click on the three-dot menu at the top right of your screen, and select Connect Your Instagram Account.

After you’re connected, you’ll be able to see your followers and view their comments and likes by clicking on the gear icon on the top right of your screen and then scrolling down to Instagram Insights. You can also see all your followers and the comments they leave directly within your Instagram feed. If you don’t have any followers yet, it’s not a problem. Simply choose to Follow People, then scroll through and click the “Like” button for each person you want to follow.

See Who Follows You On Instagram By Using Facebook’s Insights Data:

  • The first step is to go into your Facebook Insights dashboard and find the section where you can see which of your pages get the most interaction.
  • If you are using the Facebook Page Insights tool, you will find the insights data under Facebook Insights > Pages > Pages & Audiences > Pages.
  • In the next screenshot, we are looking for the top pages that drive the most interactions with our posts.
  • If you scroll down, you will see that the page with the most interactions is Instagram ( 9,835 in the case).
  • Click on the link and you’ll be taken to a page where the followers have been listed in a table.
  • Here you can see the number of followers, how many of them follow a certain number of pages, and the total number of people who have followed at least one of your pages.
  • You can sort these followers according to the total number of people who followed at least one of your pages.
  • You can also export this data as a CSV file that you can import into any other analytics platform.

See Who Followed You On Instagram With The Help Of Google Analytics:

You just opened up a new Instagram account, and now you want to figure out who is following you and where they’re located. You’ve tried to use Facebook to track your followers, but the results aren’t as great as you’d like them to be. 

You don’t have to rely on other social networks or other methods to find out who is following you on Instagram. We’re going to show you how to do it by using the help of Google Analytics.

It’s important to learn how to use Instagram and all the features that it has to offer. And one of the best ways to do that is to see who’s following you on Instagram. And since Instagram requires a Google account to log in, we are going to show you how to do that. Let’s jump into it!

  • Log into your Google Analytics account
  • Go to your Analytics Dashboard
  • Click on “Instagram” from the list of channels
  • Click on the Instagram tab to see the data
  • Check the box for the “following” option and save the changes.
  • Now, when you click on the “Followers” tab on the Instagram tab, you will be able to see all the people who are following you on Instagram.

Wrapping It All Up:

There are two main ways to see who someone recently followed on Instagram using Instagram search.

The first way is to use the Instagram search feature and type in the person’s username. This is the fastest way to find out if they’ve recently followed you or not. The second way is to use the Instagram search feature and type in the following phrase: “followed me recently”. You can also type in a user’s full name, hashtag, or username.

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