Can Multiple Processors Be Installed In A Single Processor Housing?

What Is The Term For Processing Two Sets Of Instructions Simultaneously Using A Single Processor?

Which Unit Works As An Interface Between The Processor And All The Memories On Chip Or Off Chip?

What Is The Name Of The Intel Technology That Allows A Processor To Handle Two Threads At The Same Time?

What Is Multicore Technology What Are The Various Core Processor Used?

Which Of The Following Operating System Is Capable Of Using A Multi Core Microprocessor?

When Two Or More Processors Share System Resources That May Include Some Or All Of The Following The Same Main Memory O I Devices And Control Program Routines?

Which Of The Following Techniques Allows Several Programs To Appear To Operate Simultaneously In A Single Processor Computing System?

How Many Types Of Multi Processing Systems Of Computer System Are?

Which Type Of Processor Memory Is Located On The Processor Chip?

Which Type Of Memory Is The Main Memory Installed As Dimms On A Motherboard?

When Two Or More Processes Execute Simultaneously In A Program The Process Is Known As?

What Do You Call The Simultaneous Processing Of 2 Or More Programs By Many Processors?

What Is Parallel Processing And Its Types?

Which Of The Following Is The Sequence Of Operations Performed By Cpu During Processing Of An Instruction?

Which Processor Is A Peripheral Device Attached To A Computer So That The Performance Of A Computer Can Be Improved For Numerical Computations?

Which Unit Acts As The Brain Of The Computer Which Control Other Peripherals And Interfaces Mcq?

What Is The Name Of The Memory Cache That Is Shared By Cores In A Multi Core Processor?

What Is The Term Used To Describe A Processor Housing That Contains More Than One Processor?

Which Function Is Incorporated Into Some Intel Cpus That Enables A Single Cpu To Perform As Though Two Cpus Are Installed?

How Many Types Of Core Processors Are There?

What Is Meant By Quad-core?

What Are Performance Cores And Efficiency Cores?

What Is The Two Types Of Multiprocessing?

Which Of The Following Is An Example Of An Operating System That Is Used By Smart Phones?

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