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What Is Instagram Viewer?

Instagram story viewer is the latest online tool that provides free web service to view the active Instagram stories by maintaining your anonymity. This service is available to every Instagram user across the world whether he is a stalker, influencer, celebrity, or anyone. Moreover, if you want to download someone’s story then you can do so with a single click.

Rising Need For Anonymous IG Story Viewer

Story views are a great source of analyzing the engagement of an Instagram account. That’s why Instagram has allowed users to see who views their stories. But what about those who want to view someone’s story without revealing his identity? People are much worried about finding a way to view someone’s story secretly.

That’s why we introduced Grambe, an Instagram online viewer. If you are excited to view Insta story anonymously without creating a fake account then story viewer is all set to offer this service. Even you are blocked, still, you can view the stories via Instagram stories viewer.

Features Of Insta Story Viewer

A perfect tool to facilitate Instagram users with its astonishing features is set to reveal its qualities:

View All Active Stories

You can watch all the active stories and highlights of a public account with a single click and yes, you also have an option to download someone’s story.

No Need To Install Anything

To view stories on this amazing tool, you don’t need to use third-party applications or install anything in your device. You just have to follow the quick process to see the story.

Quick Method

This web service is highly user-friendly and you will get the results within a few seconds.

Original Quality

This tool offers you original results; it would be the same as you are watching an original story on your Instagram account.

Maintains Secrecy

Yes, it’s true! Instagram viewer maintains secrecy because it does not require your personal information. In short, there is no need to create an account or enter your credentials.

Compatible For All Devices

It is one of the most amazing features, as the Insta story viewer is compatible with iPhone, android, tab, PC, laptop users.

100% Free

The story viewing service is absolutely free. Now get rid of paid tools and enjoy the free story viewing service by Grambe.

How To View Instagram Story?

Don’t you know the process? Relax; here you can see step by step process to view Instagram stories:

  • Navigate to your Instagram profile.
  • Then select the profile with the stories that you want to view anonymously.
  • Now copy the username and paste it on the IG story viewer search bar.
  • Click on the profile picture to view all the stories of that account.

Moreover, if you want to download that story in your gadget then feel safe to download it. Simply click on the download option and get that story in your device with all the applied filters and stickers as the original.

Is It Unethical To Watch Someone’s IG Story Secretly? 

It is not unethical as Grambe is not accessible to private IG accounts. You can only watch public account’s stories secretly. Basically, these IG stories are meant for public viewing so it’s up to you whether you see that story openly or secretly. Just keep in mind not to misuse someone’s content.

Is Grambe the Only Safe Way To View Stories Secretly?

Although there are some alternatives to see someone’s story secretly but these ways are not reliable. First, if you download some extension or use third-party apps then there are high chances of revealing your identity because some of them are paid apps and need your credentials.

Secondly, creating a fake account is also not an appropriate option to approach someone. The only option is a Instagram story viewer that gives you 100% results without informing that Instagram user.

Purpose Of Instagram Stories

From the last some years, digital marketing has highly dependent on Instagram stories because they play their role as a way of advertisement by many brands and influencers.

People rely more on IG stories content as it does not take much time in displaying its content, and it simply appears at the top of our screen and we watch out the stories of our favorite personalities.

Stories are also a way of stalking our loved ones or the people we admire. Plus while posting a story people do not care about the picture quality or resolution because IG stories are ephemeral.

This feature is highly significant in engaging the public as it displays advertisements of brands, every latest update by news channels, awareness by influencers, etc.

How to use SDM insta-Stalker?

Search users Instagram accounts by following these steps below.

On this screen you are able to view all profile images,Videos & IGTV Videos also you can download.

What is instalooker?

Instalooker enables you to view any Instagram profiles media. This is useful when you want to view the profile of any person who has blocked you on his or her account. Like if you have a crush on someone and you got unable to see her profile. Then you need to get this site to look at the insta profile of your partner.

Are you worried to see about your partner’s Instagram profile? You need not worry now because you can see the private Instagram Profiles or stalked any public Instagram accounts with the help of Instalooker. Instalooker happens to be an active website that is popularly used by people Worldwide. In another word, Instalooker is a tool which helps you view public & private profile photos, videos, stories & IGTV videos of different people using our tools.

Instalooker work same as insta stalker just use a different terminology but have a same functionality.

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