Many people don’t know how to clear the cache on TikTok. This leads them to post inappropriate or embarrassing content on the app. In this post, we’ll show you what you can do to clear your cache so you can focus on more important things like TikTok.

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What Happens When You Clear Your Cache On TikTok?

I’m sure you’ve all heard about TikTok, but did you know what happens when you clear your cache? You might have thought that by clearing your cache, you’re going to get a faster load time for your website, or even that TikTok would load faster. But it’s not quite as simple as that. Clearing your cache has different consequences depending on how you clear it, so it pays to understand them before clearing it. Continue to read the article to know the best ways to clear the cache on TikTok.

Different Ways To Clear Cache On TikTok:

When you’re signed in to TikTok on a computer or mobile device, the following items are cached on your device:

  • Browser history
  • Cookies
  • Web history
  • App cache
  • The data stored in the web storage of your browser
  • Your local storage
  • Local database

Now, let’s go through the most common caching scenarios on TikTok. 

Clearing Cache By Deleting Files:

The fastest way to clear your cache is to simply delete it. In the web storage section of the above list, you can see that everything from your local database to your cookies is just a file. Deleting these files will immediately make them disappear. However, it’s important to note that deleting files doesn’t always clear them completely. Even though your web browser doesn’t show you every single cached website or webpage, it will still store some information about them.

For example, a cached web page might include an ID or a version number that’s linked to the file itself. This means that if you delete all the files in the web storage of your web browser, the cached web page won’t be deleted, but its internal links will break. This could confuse the end-users and result in an inaccurate search when they try to access it again.

Clearing Cache By Clearing Cookies:

Another easy way to clear your cache on TikTok is to clear your cookies. Cookies are small files that can store any type of information. Some of these cookies can store login data, others can store other types of data like the web page you were just viewing.

To clear cookies on your web browser, simply navigate to the web browser settings page. On mobile, this is usually a swipe left to the last tab in the list. In the web browser settings section, look for the cookies tab. Click “clear all cookies”, then “all cookies”. You’ll need to log back into TikTok after clearing them, but this should do the trick.

Clearing Cache by Clearing Your Browser History:

If you’re logged into the TikTok app, your browsing history is also cached. This isn’t as straightforward as just deleting files, as some web pages might contain links to files or links to other pages on your device.

To clear your browsing history, navigate to the web browser settings page. In the history section, look for the clear button. Once clicked, it will immediately delete everything from your history. You can also see your favorites on Tiktok.

Clearing Cache By Clearing Your Web History:

Another common way to clear your cache on TikTok is to delete the history. If you have multiple devices that are logged into TikTok at the same time, the web browser will automatically remember your browsing history on each device.

If you want to clear all your browsing history on TikTok, simply sign out of TikTok on each device. Once logged out of TikTok, the web browser won’t automatically remember what websites you were looking at, so it’s safe to clear your browsing history.

Wrapping It All Up:

Clearing the cache on Tiktok can be a great way to make it faster, but remember that there’s more to clearing the cache than just deleting files or cookies. It’s important to consider how each action will affect your end-users before you perform it. For example, clearing your web browser’s cache could confuse if the cached webpage has internal links that will break after doing this. By understanding how each of these caches works, you’ll be able to choose the right option for your needs.

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