What Is VOD And What Does It Stand For?

VOD stands for “video on demand.” It’s a catch-all term that refers to any video content that can be watched whenever the viewer wants, as opposed to living content which can only be viewed while it’s happening.

On Twitch, VODs are recordings of past live streams. They’re saved automatically by Twitch once the stream ends, and they remain on the site for a set period of time (more on that later). VODs can be watched by anyone, even if you’re not a follower or subscriber of the channel.

VODs are a great way to catch up on content you missed, or to rewatch your favorite moments from a stream. They’re also useful for content creators, who can use them to analyze their past performances and see what went well (or not so well).

How Do VODs Work On Twitch?

As we mentioned, Twitch automatically saves VODs of every Livestream that ends. Once a stream is over, the VOD will be processed and then made available for viewers to watch. This process can take a little while, so don’t expect to see the VOD pop up right away.

Types Of VODs

Twitch Offers Two Different Types Of VODs:

1 - Public VODs:

Public VODs are just what they sound like anyone can watch them, even if they’re not following the channel.

2 - Private VODs:

Private VODs, on the other hand, can only be watched by people who have been given explicit permission by the channel owner (usually through a link). Private VODs are often used for things like highlights, clips, and other edited content. They can also be used to save a full stream if the channel owner doesn’t want it publically available.

How Long Do VODs Stay Up On Twitch?

Twitch keeps VODs online for a set period of time after the stream ends. For non-partnered channels, this time is 14 days. For partnered channels, however, VODs can be saved indefinitely.

Partnered channels have the ability to save their VODs forever because they’re able to run ads on them. This helps offset the storage costs associated with keeping such a large amount of video content available. If you’re not a partnered channel, you don’t have this option but 14 days is still a decent amount of time for viewers to catch up on your content.

What Are The Benefits Of Using VOD? 

There are a few benefits that come with using VOD on Twitch:

  • First, as we mentioned, it’s a great way to catch up on content you may have missed. If you know a streamer you like is going live but you can’t watch it live, just wait for the VOD and watch it later.
  • Second, VODs are great for content creators. They provide a way to go back and analyze past performances, see what worked well and what didn’t, and make changes accordingly. This feedback loop is essential for any content creator who wants to improve their craft.
  • Finally, VODs offer a level of permanence that live streams don’t have. Live streams only exist at the moment, and then they’re gone forever. VODs, on the other hand, can be saved and watched over and over again. This makes them a valuable asset for both content creators and viewers alike.

How Do I Watch A VOD? 

Now that we’ve answered the question “what does VOD stand for on Twitch,” let’s talk about how you can actually watch one.

As we mentioned, all VODs are saved automatically by Twitch once a stream ends. To find them, just go to the channel page of the streamer you’re interested in and look for the “VODs” tab.

Once you’re on the VOD page, you’ll see a list of all the available videos. You can browse through them and find the one you’re looking for, or use the search bar to narrow down your options.

When you find a VOD you want to watch, just click on it and it will start playing. You can also adjust the playback speed, or choose to watch it in full-screen mode.

Why Didn’t My Stream Go To VOD?  

There are a few reasons why your stream might not have been saved as a VOD. The most common reason is that the stream was too long Twitch only saves VODs that are less than 12 hours in length.

Another possibility is that you didn’t end your stream properly. If you just close out of the Twitch app or turn off your camera, your stream won’t be saved as a VOD. You need to go into your Twitch settings and end the stream manually.

Finally, it’s possible that you don’t have permission to save VODs. This is usually the case for non-partnered channels or channels that are in violation of Twitch’s Terms of Service. If you’re not sure why your VOD wasn’t saved, you can contact Twitch support for more information.

What’s The Difference Between Replays And VODs?

Replays and VODs are similar in that they’re both recordings of past streams. The main difference is that replays are only available for a limited time, while VODs can be saved indefinitely.

Another difference is that replays can only be watched from the Twitch app, while VODs can be watched from any platform.

Finally, replays can only be watched by viewers who have an active Twitch Prime subscription. VODs, on the other hand, are available to everyone.

What Types Of Content Can Be Found In The VOD Library? 

The VOD library is home to a wide variety of content, from live streams of video games to cooking shows and art tutorials. There’s something for everyone in the VOD library, so be sure to browse through it and see what you can find.


In conclusion, Twitch VODs can be a great way to improve your stream and keep viewers engaged. By understanding the different types of VODs available on Twitch and when to use them, you can create a more engaging experience for your viewers that will keep them coming back for more.

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