It may sound like one of the most basic things to do, but I know from experience that publishing a post from Hootsuite to Pinterest is not always a simple task. There are a lot of variables that must be taken into consideration. You need to be sure that your content meets Pinterest’s guidelines before going live on the site, that your Pinterest audience will see it in the right way, and that it will look and feel right to your followers. In this post, we will tell you all the items that you can add to the Pinterest posts. We will also tell the 2 must-have items in the post. So let’s begin the discussion.

Things To Include When Publishing To Pinterest From Hootsuite:

There are many things to include in the post while publishing to Pinterest from Hootsuite. Here we will mention all the items that you can include to enhance the value of your post. So let’s review them.


Title your post using relevant keywords It helps your article rank on Pinterest if the title includes your keywords.

Include An Image (Optional):

You can also include a photo or a screenshot. Images increase the likelihood that someone will click through to your site and read more about your topic.

Include Hashtags (Optional):

Using hashtags on your posts increases the likelihood that people will find them on Pinterest.

Include description:

Write a detailed description, including any links to your other posts. A description that includes all your hashtags and keywords, along with the title of your post, provides the most helpful information for Pinterest users.

Pin Your posts:

Pinning your posts is one of the easiest ways to share content on Pinterest. It shows that you’re passionate about what you’re writing and it also helps build your brand.

Use lists:

You can make your list the main focus of your article by setting a headline and a subheading, then add images and bullets to break up the text and provide more visual cues for your reader.

Include Long Copy:

People who read longer texts are more likely to read entire articles, according to a survey done by Copyblogger. Make sure you write longer than 300 words to give yourself more space to include details and stats.

You can include links to other posts in your post if you want to share information or resources that support the topic.

Include A Call To Action (Optional):

Add a link at the end of your post that prompts people to click through and visit another post on your blog. This is especially useful if it’s an interactive post and includes polls, infographics, or surveys.

Write A Catchy Headline:

Your title should be a clear statement about what’s in your post. Be as specific as possible, but make sure to use keywords so people can find your article easily.

Make it easy for readers to see related content on your blog. Links can help them get more value out of your article, so add a link to similar posts if you have them.

Write About Something They Care About:

If you’re writing about a subject that you’re passionate about, it will show in your writing. The best blogs are written by authors who love what they’re writing about, and this shows in their posts. Indeed all these items can enhance the overall value of the Pinterest post. But do not forget to add a URL and description to your Post. In addition, if you are using a website then make sure to add a title. Furthermore, add a description if you are using a Hootsuite profile.

Benefits Of Adding Description And URL To Pinterest Posts:

Following are the amazing benefits that your Pinterest posts get only by adding URL and Description.

STEP 1: Get Visitors To Your Interests Page:

When people land on your blog and want to check out what you’re about, they look for information. This includes your author bio, a quick description of your interests and skills.

When people land on your site and see nothing about you, they quickly leave. This is especially true if the URL isn’t listed on the page, or if there’s no description.

STEP 2: Get Traffic From Other Sites:

Let’s say you’re a professional blogger with a bunch of great ideas, but you’ve never built an audience. You could put some of those ideas up on your site, but it would just be a one-way traffic flow. Your audience isn’t going to be interested in your site unless they can find you there themselves. If you have a description and a URL, they’ll be able to go to your website directly.

One benefit of adding your URL and description is that it makes it easier to get traffic from other sources. If you have a link from an influencer’s blog, the chances are high that he’ll click through to your site and follow you. If there’s no link or information about you, your potential visitors will have to search for you instead and you can also use Pinterest video download.

STEP 4: Make It Easier For Visitors To Find Your Work:

Adding descriptions and URLs not only helps visitors find your content but also makes it easier for them to find your work on the web. Many people search and start scrolling down their results page until they find someone whose work is similar to what they’re looking for.

If your URL and description aren’t included on that page, they won’t be able to find you.

People love when they find a new resource they can share with their friends. If you include a description and URL, it’s easy to point them to your website. In addition, you can often link to related blogs, websites, articles, or even infographics in your post. These links are usually free and help to build a stronger network of quality resources.

Wrapping It All Up:

Pinterest is one of the most popular social platforms out there. For those of you who have an audience on that platform, you can use it to increase your exposure. However, the challenge with Pinterest is that it requires constant attention. You can’t let your followers forget you for too long. If they lose interest, you’re out of luck. There are two things you should have to get noticed on Pinterest. The first thing is a great description. The second is having an optimized URL. So make sure to add them in every post.

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