We all know that Facebook is a great place to engage with your followers and potential customers. So why is there a limit on the number of times we can comment on our pages, and how can we overcome this limit? It’s hard to comment on someone’s Facebook post. I mean, unless you want to leave an unhelpful comment which might get you banned or otherwise blocked, it seems like it would be a nice thing to be able to do. If you’re asking why you can’t comment, this blog post is going to tell you why, and how to comment successfully and build relationships with your customers in a meaningful way. 

Reasons Why Can’t You Comment On Facebook?

Following are some reasons that can restrict you to comment on Facebook.

You’ve Reached Facebook’s Comment Limit:

Facebook imposes a limit on the number of comments users can submit per page. According to Facebook’s FAQ, there are now only 150 comments per page, which translates into approximately 3.5 comments per day.

Some Pages Have Reached Their Comments Limit:

Facebook’s limit has nothing to do with your page. Once every user has reached the limit, they all go into waiting mode and you have to wait until new comments come in. So, even if you can see the comments, they might not be visible to you.

Facebook’s Comments Policy Changes Without Notice:

Facebook recently changed its comments policy without warning. They decided to turn off “anonymous” comments, which meant that anyone could comment anonymously. This caused some problems because the previous policy allowed users to remain anonymous until they clicked the “login” button on their profile. Once they logged in, their name would appear next to the comment, allowing anyone to see who was commenting.

How To Comments On Facebook After Restriction?

If you are still confused about why you can’t comment on Facebook, here are a few tips to get your comments approved.

Read the Instructions:

It is probably obvious, but the instructions for adding a comment to a wall are located on the page that which you want to comment on. 

Be Brief:

If you write too much, you run the risk of being removed from the page. Also, don’t include links in your comments. They will be removed and replaced by an image of a broken link.

Be Patient:

This is especially important for comments that you want to post on other people’s pages. You might have to wait for approval from the page owner before you are allowed to post.

Don’t Ask For Free Stuff:

Facebook doesn’t like it when you ask for something for nothing. So, don’t ask someone to like your page for no reason.

Ask Someone First:

If you are having trouble getting a comment approved on a page, ask the person if you can comment. You might get lucky if he agrees.

Wrapping It All Up:

There is no simple reason why you can’t comment on Facebook and you can also use Facebook video downloader. You may be trying to comment on a post that is set to private, you may have hit the limit on how many comments you can make in 24 hours, or perhaps you’re not logged in to Facebook. Whatever the reason is you should wait for some time at least 30 to 60 minutes. After that write a comment according to the tips that we have mentioned above.

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